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Caller ID Hardware

Rochelle Caller ID Plug

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The optional caller id plug is a device which plugs into a serial port on your computer.  You then plug the phone cord (supplied) directly from the wall jack into this device.   The caller id plug looks like a slightly oversized RS-232 plug.   If you have a 25 pin serial port, this device will plug directly into it.  If you have a 9 pin serial port, you will need to purchase a the 9 to 25 pin adapter cable at your local computer store.   If you are using both a modem and the caller id, you may also need to purchase a phone line splitter which allows you to plug both phone cords into a single wall jack.  You will also need a phone cord to run from your phone jack or splitter to the caller id plug.

My program works extremely well with this product and gives you many more features than a regular modem.  With this device, the program can monitor the caller id information on one line, while your modem is hooked up to a second line for redialing, paging or regular modem connections.  This way the program will continue to monitor incoming calls while your modem sends out pages or is being used with some other program such as an internet connection or faxing software.  As mentioned above, if you only have one phone line, the caller id plug and your modem can share the same line using the supplied splitter.

With the Caller ID Plug, the program can tell you when you receive new voice mail, if you subscribe to your local phone company's voice mail and visual message indicator.   It will pop up a window telling you new voice mail has arrived and announces it also over your speakers.  The program can also page you that you have new voice mail.

With the Caller ID Plug, the program can also tell if the call was answered or not.   When the phone is answered a visual prompt that says "Answered" shows on the screen and an audio indicator is played on your speakers.  The program also displays the duration in minutes and seconds in real time during the conversation in the caption of the program.  When the call is completed, the total duration is also shown in the main call log window.  When a call is answered and a page is sent to an Alphanumeric pager, it will show if the call was answered.  In the Pager Settings, you can choose to exclude answered calls from paging if you wish.

It can also tell you if the phone is in use or not. An icon appears when the phone is in use and a sound is played when the phone is taken off the hook.  When the phone is hung up, the icon disappears and a different sound is played. All of this is customizable in the program settings.

Please note that the caller id plug cannot block calls, dial numbers or perform any functions of a modem other than receiving the caller id information, voice mail alerts and detect the on/off hook status of the phone line.  If you are using the caller id plug and want to block calls and/or dial numbers, you must also have a modem hooked to the same phone line and attached to the same computer.

If you would like to see the installation manual for the Rochelle Caller ID Plug, click here.

The price is $99.95 which includes shipping by first class mail within the United States.   For foreign orders, please add $10.00 which will include US Global Priority Mail if available, otherwise it includes air mail where available.

Refunds for the Rochelle Caller ID Plug will only be given during the first 30 days after purchase if it does not work as described.  The shipping and handling charge of $10.00 which is included in the $99.95 price is not refundable nor is any foreign shipping.  Before returning this you must notify me and give me a chance to resolve any problems you are having.  If we cannot resolve the problem I will issue a RMA (return merchandise authorization) number and a return shipping address.  Any products returned without an RMA number written clearly on the outside of the box cannot be accepted.  All return shipping and insurance charges are the purchasers responsibility and the product must be returned in new condition with all packaging and documentation.  After I receive the product as described, I will issue a refund as specified above within 30 days.

The Rochelle Caller ID Plug has a 90 day limited warranty against defects in manufacturing and does not cover damage caused by the end user or voltage spikes.  All return shipping and insurance charges are the purchasers responsibility and the product must be returned in new condition with all packaging and documentation.  When the product is received as described, another Rochelle Caller ID Plug will be sent to you at my cost within 30 days.

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I am a dealer for who makes 2-line, 4-line and 8-line caller id hardware which alls works well with my program.  Please click here for more information.

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