Courtesy of Ron Paul (click here to visit his website)


There is no charge to download this full shareware version.  It is functional for 21 days after which time you must purchase it or delete it from your computer.

The new Talking Caller ID V6 can function as an answering machine if you have a voice modem and are NOT using Windows NT.  You can have the program answer the phone and play customized messages for each caller.  Windows NT 4.0 does not include any voice modem support. Voice support was added to Windows 95/98 beginning with the Windows 95 OSR2 release.

All versions of Talking Caller ID require that you install the Microsoft Agent files.  Be sure and go to this webpage Microsoft Agent Files and follow all the instructions to install all the Microsoft Agent files requires for your operating system.  I recommend you do this befoe installing Talking Caller ID.  For Windows Vista and Windows 7, be sure to also request and install the hotfix described on that page.

Download Version V6.9 (3.5 MB) (recommended)

Download Beta Version 7.0 (4.2 MB) (not recommended - for testing 2 tapi lines only)

Download Beta Version 8.0 (5 MB) without the Microsoft Agent

Note many modem drivers have an error in them preventing the caller id information from being reported in the TAPI mode.  Click here for instructions on how to fix it.

The price to register is $39.95.  If you are an existing registered user, you can upgrade for only $19.95.   To order, please click on PayPal Order Form.