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Version 4.61 (12/30/00)  Fix a problem when the program when first launched would say "File not found" if the Microsoft Agent 2.0 was not already installed.

Version 4.6 (12/27/00)  Fixed a bug where you couldn't access the setting screen after attempting to Save the settings which contained an error.

Version 4.54 (11/2/00)  Sometime the program would freeze when you try to go into the settings and ran out of memory.  It will now warn you if you don't have enough memory.

Version 4.5 - 4.53 (11/20/00)  Now uses the new Windows Installer which will work on all versions of Windows (95/98/NT/2000/ME).  There are two versions of the download, one for computers without the Windows Installer loaded and one for computer with Windows Installer and MS Agent already installed.  Also changed the program so it doesn't restart when you save the settings and eliminated the problem a few users experienced that the program would cause an error message upon exit.  Fixed com port activity window status upon restart.

Version 4.44-4.45 (8/7/00)  In the e-mail settings, added an option to send "Body Only".  In this case only a period will appear in the subject.  This option was added due to the limited display capabilities or to send less data to cell phones or alphapagers with e-mail access.

Version 4.44 (7/16/00)  For e-mail and pages, eliminated extra spaces to reduce message size.  Also for e-mail option to eliminate body, I put one period in the body since some companies reject email without a body.

Version 4.43 (7/4/00)  Added option to skip the "Incoming Call" announcement on the first ring.  Subsequent rings will be announced.  This option will prevent the "Incoming Call" announcement for blocked calls (since they only ring once before being blocked).  To activate this options, go to Tools > Settings > Audio > Say "Incoming Call" When Phone Starts Ringing? > Except First > Save.

Version 4.41 - 4.42 (6/5/00)  The program now resets the com port after each call.  This is only done when the program is configured in the TAPI mode.  This was done to try to overcome some modems from not reporting the caller id information after a few calls.

Version 4.38 - 4.4 (4/6/00)  Added call blocking ability to the Whozz Calling 4 and 8 line units.  Also fixed a few other items for all Whozz Calling boxes.

Version 4.37 (3/10/00)  Fixed a potential problem when using the Rochelle Caller ID plug when a lot of noise is on the line.  The fix prevents the system resources from running low.

Version 4.36 (1/30/00)  Added an option "Do not automatically re-open com port after closing". To activate this, go to Tools > Settings, click on the Dialing tab and it is the bottom check box.  This is useful when you want to close the com port for an indefinite period of time such as when you are burning CD's.  The program will not automatically re-open the port and you must do so manually.

Version 4.35 (1/24/00)  The full version now includes an updated paging routine which corrects a problem after paging when running WinFax Pro where the com port could not be re-opened.  Also corrected a bug for sending multiple e-mail messages when using the Supplied DLL Program.  If you included names in addition to e-mail addresses, it would not work.  One limitation is that if you send to multiple e-mail address, no name will appear in to "To" field of the e-mail, but it will be delivered properly.

Version 4.34 (1/22/00)  When you close the com port, now even in the TAPI mode, it will now automatically attempt to re-open after one minute and then continue to retry ever 15 seconds until successful.

Version 4.31-4.33 (12/12/99)  Improved support for Whozz Calling? 2 line unit memory.  When memory is empty, the program does not try to erase it anyway.  If memory is being erased during startup, program can now detect this and wait until it is finished before initializing the device.

Version 4.3 (12/8/99)  Fixed a recently introduced bug that the name would not repeat on each ring when you choose that setting.  Also added support for the new Whozz Calling? 2 box to download records in memory for the calls received while the computer was turned off.

Version 4.29 (12/2/99)  Increased maximum number of records the program can handle from 32,767 to 2,147,483,647.

Version 4.27 - 4.28 (11/22/99)  Fixed a problem with number only caller id service which would show the wrong name on a call received following one that was in the Names Lookup Database.  Program may now require you to upgrade if you are beyond your 90 day free upgrade period.

Version 4.26 (11/13/99)  You can now close the com port even when a TAPI modem is selected.  The program will not automatically re-open the port.  You may want to do this to suspend the caller id without closing the program.  With the Rochelle Caller ID Plug the program will now show the number of rings even when the phone call is answered when it sends out a page or e-mail while the phone is still in use.  For the Rochelle Plug, a bug was also corrected which sometimes showed the phone was ringing when you first start the program.

Version 4.25 (11/6/99)  Program can now detect passwords obtain illegally and automatically notify program author of identity.  Warning: This computer program is protected by copyright law and international treaties. Unauthorized passwords may result in severe civil and criminal penalties.

Version 4.24 (10/28/99)  Added the option to not dial when you double click a name.  Go to Tools > Settings > Dialing > Do Not Dial When Double Clicking on a Name and check the box to disable this.

Version 4.23 (10/10/99)  DDE execute now support substitution of the phone number in the command.  Enter %phone% within the command and the number will be substituted.

Version 4.22 (10/4/99)  Now supports distinctive ring for Supra modems.

Version 4.21 (8/18/99)  You can now Tile New Calls On-Screen with Photos.

Version 4.2 (8/5/99)  Fixed a problem with the TAPI feature that would sometime pronounce the caller id name received from the phone company even when there was a different name in the Names Lookup Database.

Version 4.19 (8/3/99)  Minor bug fix - program would show a blank show notes window sometimes.

Version 4.18 (7/27/99)  You can now execute external commands or load your browser and surf to a particular website when a call comes in based on the caller id number of the person calling.  To set this up, go to the contents page of the help file and click on "Executing External Commands When Calls Come In" located under the "Special Program Features" heading.  Also, the help file has been extensively updated and is included when you download either the full program or the update.

Version 4.17 (7/23/99)  Added an option in the settings on the audio tab labeled "Disable Idling State (eliminates the pause when a call comes in and idling sounds)".  Sometimes when the Microsoft Agent character is in a idling state, it takes a couple of seconds before he starts speaking (for example if you have Peedy and he has is sunglasses on, it take a couple of seconds for him to take his sunglasses off before speaking again).  Also it will stop the character from playing the idling sounds (for example some characters snore when idle).  This eliminates both of these problems.

Version 4.16 (7/19/99)  Added support for modems that report private calls like 07/18 21:12 PRIVACY.

Version 4.15 (7/10/99)  Setup program now puts shortcut on the desktop and ask if you want to put a shortcut in you startup group so the program will load each time you boot your computer.  Also add outgoing call logging including touch tone digits dialed after the call has been initiated for the Whozz Calling boxes (2, 4 and 8 line units)..

Version 4.14 (7/7/99)  Reset the TAPI device after paging due to a report of program not receiving caller id information after a page has been sent.

Version 4.12-4.13 (7/5/99)  Fixed a problem when TAPI reports the number as *Unavailable, it would abort the caller id processing.

Version 4.1- V4.11 (7/3/99)  Fixed a problem with OUT OF AREA and PRIVATE reporting when using TAPI.

Version 4.09 (6/23/99)  Fixed a problem with the TAPI version reporting "NO NAME FOUND".

Version 4.08 (6/22/99)  Fixed the Find button on the DDE settings.

Version 4.07 (6/18/99)  Added the ability to monitor 2 phone lines within the same instance of the program simultaneously.   To do this, one line has to be set up as a non-TAPI device and the other line must be set up as a TAPI modem.  Go to Tools > Settings and f/or the "Caller ID Com Port or TAPI Device", choose a modem (or Rochelle Caller ID Plug if you have one) and for the "Second Phone Line Modem", choose a Tapi device and press Save.

Version 4.05-4.06 (6/18/99)  Added the ability to email multiple recipients.  To do this, put a comma between the addresses in the  "TO: E-mail address" field.  You can also put a comma between names in the "TO: Recipients Name" field.  Also fixed a problem with caller id data being reported incorrectly in certain situations for both the TAPI and non-TAPI routines.

Version 4.04 (6/1799)  Modified program to work when the date and time are reported after the number and name.  Fixed the reporting of private and out of area caller id information for TAPI.  Changed the agent move command so it could be interrupted by a new call or test.

Version 4.02-4.03 (6/15/99)  Fixed problem with setting screen not showing after being minimized.

Version 4.01 (6/13/99)  Added option for E-mail to send only the subject so it would take space if it is going to an pager or text messaging service on your cell phone.  Also added find buttons for files locations in the settings.

Version 4.0 (6/12/99)  Released TAPI modem sharing version of the program which allows you to share your modem with other TAPI compliant programs.

Version 3.79 (6/2/99)  Fixed DDE application field to save quotes entered at the beginning and end of the field.   Quotes are needed around long file names.

Version 3.78 (6/1/99)  Uses the new service patch SP3 to Visual Basic and the installation program.

Version 3.77 (5/30/99)  V3.76 would not install the Microsoft Agent components, this release fixes that problem.

Version 3.76 (5/28/99)  Fixed bug introduced in V3.75 that caused the program to lock up when you receive a call with certain modems.

Version 3.75 (5/26/99)  Added support for modems that don't report the caller id information correctly such as garbage character before the data and no new line between data items.

Version 3.74 (5/24/99)  When you Close Com Port, after 1 minute the program will automatically try to re-open the com port every 15 seconds.  Therefore you won't need to remember to re-open the com port after you finish with another program that uses the com port.  Fixed the new day of week labels that were cut off in the settings for some screen resolutions.

Version 3.72-3.73 (5/23/99)  Added the ability to exclude pages and email from any selected days of the week.  Go to Tools > Settings > Paging > Turn Paging Off > check the days of the week you want it turned off.  You can do the same for Email.  Fixed a bug for Email using the selected or excluded databases.  You can now send in your registration information from the Tools menu and initiate an E-mail to the program author.

Version 3.71 (5/21/99)  I you specify the number of days to display in the general settings, the program will now refresh to the correct number of days if you leave the program running past midnight.

Version 3.7 (5/19/99)  Added the option to turn off paging and email on the weekends.  To turn off paging on the weekends, go to Tools > Settings > Paging > check the box that says "Turn Paging Off on Saturday and Sunday" and press Save.  Use this procedure also for email on the E-mail tab.

Version 3.69 (5/15/99)  For beeper pagers, changed the PRIVATE NUMBER indicator from 000-0000 to 111-1111 due to a problem with a 0 indicating go to voice mail for a users paging company.

Version 3.68 (5/12/99)  Fixed bug that would send E-mail for PRIVATE NUMBER AND OUT OF AREA # even when check box was cleared.

Version 3.67 (5/10/99)  Added a check box option in the E-mail setting labeled "Do No Close Com Port When Sending E-mail ( for LAN's and CID Plugs ).  If you are using any other device other than the modem that is monitoring for caller id, check this box to prevent the program from unnecessarily closing down the com port to send E-mail.  Also for countries with 8 digits for the phone number which do not include the area code in the caller id information, the program will now format this correctly.  To do so, you into the Format settings and for Formatting for 8 digit phone numbers, select 1234-5678.  Now the program will add the area code to the beginning of the number and then format it based on the setting for the total number of digits including the area code.

Version 3.66 (4/10/99)  Fixed a bug that recently crept in causing the agent to skip certain speech like part of the jokes and song and possible in other situations.

Version 3.62-3.65 (4/8/99)  Added support for the new Internet Caller ID hardware which will be introduced soon which will allow to receive caller id information while on-line and then you can decide to take the call or not.  In other words, with only one phone line in your house, you can be on the internet without missing incoming calls.

Version 3.61 (3/26/99)  For E-mail notification, added a completely new method to send the email using your E-mail program.   Go to Tools > Settings > E-Mail > Method For Sending E-Mail > select Your E-mail Program > Save.  Make sure your E-mail program is set to auto-dial if not connected when sending a message.

Version 3.6 (3/24/99)  For home automation applications, added the feature so it won't page or email you when you are home.  The program looks for the file "nopage.mrk" and if present will not send a page.  It also looks for the file "noemail.mrk" and if present, will not send E-mail.

Version 3.59 (3/24/99)  Other program can now query my program for caller id information via a DDE request.  Use the Topic "Talking Caller ID 32|Form1" and use the Item "DDEtext".

Version 3.58 (3/22/99)  Added to ability to execute the DDE application each time a call is received (or any application for that matter).  Also can choose to send entire caller id information instead of just phone number for DDE.  Changed handshaking of Rochelle Plug to try to fix problem with program recognizing the plug.

Version 3.57 (3/20/99)  Fixed a new bug which reported "line error" for some calls received.  Also now reports Private Name and Number when a modem only reports the date and time for the caller id information.

Version 3.56 (3/18/99)  Fixes a bug with V3.55 when you listen to the greeting.

Version 3.55 (3/18/99)  When you select to have the name reversed, fixed a problem when you selected to repeat the name more than once where it would reverse the name back when repeated.

Version 3.54 (3/12/99)  Fixed slow response of speech when character is minimized.  Pop-up window will always show State and major cities when you receive a long distance call even when option to say it is disabled.  Add support for modems that show NMBR twice with a name in one field and number on the other.

Version 3.53 (2/25/99)  Fixed problem with email not working when new voice mail arrived.  Also some modems in some areas sometimes only send area code for long distance or private calls and I modified program to show 000-0000 for these calls so you can block them.

Version 3.52 (2/23/99)  Added volume controls for the speech engine and recorded greetings.  You can control the text-to-speech volume independently from the volume of other windows wav files.  You can also control the recorded greetings separately from both of these.  The suggested method to adjust the sound is to go into the program audio settings and adjust the Volume for Text-To-Speech Output to the maximum level.  Now press the Test button next to this control and adjust your speaker volume for how loud you want to hear the text-to-speech.  Now press the Test button next to Volume for Recorded Greetings, select a greeting from the list that you have recorded and then adjust this slider volume control to the volume.  Repeat the test until you achieve the proper volume.   Now press the Test button next to Windows Master Volume Control.  Select a standard windows wav file and then go back an adjust this slider volume to the desired volume.  Also, the icon is the system tray now shows off-hook status when using the Rochelle Caller ID Plug.

Version 3.51 (2/21/99)  Fixed so Answer Notification would work without On/Off Hook Notification (Rochelle Caller ID Plugs only).  When you run two instances, the program can now recognize long file names.

Version 3.5 (2/20/99)  Fixed 32-bit version to support two instances of the program.  Also fixed bug where the character was showing when starting the program minimized.

Version 3.49 (2/16/99)  Some new modems were reporting the phone number with a header of DDN_NMBR and DNMBR.  The program now recognized these.  I also took the mailit32.dll out of the update zip file since it is in the full program and not needed in the update for most people.   If you need it download it here, unzip it and save it in your windows\system directory.

Version 3.48 (2/9/99)  Added support for several types of photo files which you can import.  In addition to bit map files (BMP), the program now supports JPG, GIF, ICO, CUR, RLE, WMF and EMF file formats.   These files can be imported and assigned to a particular phone number so the picture will be display when that person calls.

Version 3.47 and earlier  You can now close/open the com port with a right-click of the icon in the system tray.  The program can now determine your area code from the registry.  The program can now send E-mail notification of caller id information.  Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) is now supported to you can send the phone number to other program which then can take action upon this such as popping up database records associated with this phone number.   This could allow you, for example, to pop up customer records on the screen, from your own custom database, before you even answer the phone.  Now minimized to system tray.  Character honors quiet time.  You can select to hide character except when he is talking.  You can elect not to hide the character upon minimizing program.  You can now redial and repeat greeting from system tray menu while program is minimized.  Program now support Whozz Calling? 4 device.  V3.28 fixes as bug that would prevent the character from talking sometimes (between the times set in Turn Off Audio From _ to _. even when the box was not checked).  V3.31 fixed some first time setup problems

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