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Version 5.3 (12/8/01) Added support to Email and Page you for outgoing calls.

Version 5.25 (12/5/01) Fixed a problem with blocked calls being answered when the answering machine was enabled.  It would hang up too soon or play the voice instructions wav file.  Also, now when you go to Edit > Listen to Selected Outgoing Greeting (or right click on an entry in the log and choose Listen to Outgoing Greeting) on an Unavailable # or Private Number call, it will play those messages.  It will not check to see if the call is blocked so it won't play the blocked call message unless an actual call is received.  Also if a file is not found, this option will pop-up a box telling you that while on a real call, it would play the default message.

Version 5.245 (12/1/01) Further fixes to the TAPI caller id reporting which would still sometimes show Unavailable instead of Private on some modems.

Version 5.243-5.244  (11/29/01) In the TAPI mode, sometimes the caller id would be reported as "Private Name Unavailable #" which has been corrected to "Private Name Private Number".

Version  5.241-5.242  (11/24/01) Fixed a bug which occurs in Windows XP only where the program would play both the outgoing message and incoming message to the caller when the answering machine answered the call.  Added a timer to hang up the modem after about 5 minutes in inactivity if the program answered the call.  This should free you phone line incase the program experiences a problem where it doesn't hang up the phone for some reason.  V5.242 fixes network broadcasting bug introduced with V5.24.

Version 5.24  (11/23/01) Upgraded TAPI ActiveX control for improved answering machine performance.  I also noted that when I upgraded to Windows XP, that the delay in playing wav files to calls has been eliminated.

Version 5.235  (11/15/01) Corrected a problem where the program would sometimes dial the wrong number when double clicking on a number or Dial > Selected Number.

Version 5.234  (11/9/01) When a phone number shows up as 0000000000 then the program now converts this to "Unavailable #".

Version  5.233  (11/7/01) Fixed a bug for some modem in which the outgoing message would not play.

Version 5.232  (11/6/01) For phone number of 5 digits or less, the program will no longer add the local area code when processing the number.

Version 5.229-5.231  (11/5/01) If a comma appeared in the caller id name, the first letter immediately after the commas is now converted to upper case.  Also changed the case of UNAVAILABLE to Unavailable, PRIVATE to Private, NUMBER to Number, NAME to Name and NO to No.  This makes the case of Unavailable, Private and No Name calls consistent with regular calls.  If you are using the Block Calls Database and blocking these types of calls, you need to go into the Block Calls Database and re-specify to block these calls (you can also delete the all upper case versions of these calls). V5.230 adds an option to for the answering machine to record a message automatically (caller does not have to press 1). V5.231 adds ability to ignore "Invalid File Name" error on the General tab.

Version 5.228  (10/17/01) Added an option to reset the modem after each call.  To activate this option, go to Tools > Settings > Misc > check the box "Reset the Modem After Each Call" > Save.  Use this option if the program does not pick up the caller id information after the first call.

Version 5.227  (10/10/01) Fixed a bug recently introduced which would hang message playback when remotely retrieving voice mail.  Also now allow three tries for entering password for remote retrieval of voice mail. 

Version 5.226  (10/3/01) When retrieving voice mail, added a button to Save a message.  The screen now has 2 tabs, "New Calls" and "Saved Calls".  When you click Save, it moves a message from the New Calls screen to the Saved Calls screen.  Just click the Saved Calls tab to view them.  Also for distinctive ring calls, on the pop-up window it will now say Rings = X on line Y where X is the number of rings and Y is the line the call is received on.

Version 5.225  (9/27/01) Added additional check for improper Microsoft Agent installation such as not having a character or speech engine installed.  It will show an error in the lower com port activity window.

Version  5.224  (9/26/01) Fixed a problem with field being either grayed out or not improperly on the Email tab of the settings.

Version 5.223  (9/26/01) When the option on the Audio tab of the Settings that says "Do not use Microsoft Agent when playing wav files" is check, I fixed the problem that would cause both the Microsoft Agent and wav file to play at the same time instead of one after the other.

Version  5.222  (9/24/01) For Rochelle Plug added an option to prevent ring detection.  This was done for a user with a voice modem that could not receive the caller id information.  To configure this, you hook a phone line to both your modem and to the Rochelle Caller ID plug with a splitter.  In the program, configure this by going to Tools > Settings > Caller ID Com Port or TAPI Device > select the number of the com port the Rochelle plug is attached to > Modem Type (Caller ID Capable) > Rochelle Caller ID Plug > Second Phone Line Modem > Select your voice modem from the list.  Then click on the Misc tab > Ring Notification > clear the check mark > Save.

Version 5.22 - 5.221  (9/10/01) Implemented a workaround which would cause Agentsvr to crash when speaking a WAV file on some computers by including a space character in the first parameter of the Speak method. V5.221 adds warnings if you are trying to use the answering machine features without a voice modem.  This will show on in the Com Port Activity window and on the Voice tab of the settings when saving.

Version  5.219  (9/8/01) When you specify a Second Phone Line Modem, if the modem is not fully TAPI compliant, it will try to open it with reduced functionality.

Version 5.217-5.218  (9/6/01) On the settings screen, changed the Close button to read Save since it does save the settings and added a Cancel button to cancel the changes on the current tab.  However, when you click on a different tab, the setting for the tab you were on are automatically saved.  Also added an option on the bottom of the General tab that says "Give Option to Minimize when Exiting Using the X on the Control Box in Upper Right".  V5.128 added "Always Include Area Code with Phone Number" on the Email tab of the settings.  This comes in handy if your are sending messages to your cell phone and it has a different area code.  That way you can return the call by simple pressing Send on your phone instead of keying in the number.

Version 5.215-5.216  (9/1/01) Added the ability to customize the e-mail messages.  Go to Tools > Settings > Email > Format > Custom.  Then click on the Custom button next to it to customize the message. V5.126 fixed a bug when trying to block a new call by name.

Version 5.214  (8/30/01) Added female voice for all pre-recorded wav files.  This is only available in the full version or as a separate download on the update page.

Version 5.213  (8/24/01) Fixed small bug with losing Rochelle settings on Misc tab after clicking on General tab.

Version 5.212  (8/23/01) Added the ability change the foreground and background colors for the main call log and com port activity windows.  Go to Tools > Settings and on the General tab, click on the button "Color Selector for Main Call Log and Com Port Activity Window".

Version 5.211  (8/21/01) Finished updating the help file.  Added option to in the settings on the format tab "If phone number starts with a 1 and 11 digits long, then ignore the 1.  This is useful if the caller id information begins with a 1 before the area code.  This is known to occur in some regions of Canada.

Version 5.21  (8/13/01) You can now have both a recorded incoming greeting and incoming text-to-speech file.  The program will say the recorded greeting first, then the text-to-speech file.  Update the help file, but still not done.

Version 5.2  (8/11/01) Instead of having all the prerecorded wav files copied to the application directory during setup program, I now only copy a self-extracting zip file named "Extract Original Wav Files.exe" which contain the same wav files.  When you first run my program, it will automatically unzip this files.  It will also unzip these files if the required file SilenceA.wav file is missing.  This was done because the windows installer re-installs the program if any of the original setup files are missing.  This way, when you delete the wav files you do not want to use (or have the Microsoft Agent pronounce them instead), the windows installer will not attempt to reinstall these files.  Another benefit is that you can restore any of the original wav files by manually executing "Extract Original Wav Files.exe".

Version 5.199  (8/11/01) Added support for importing midi files which can now be played when a call comes in.  Go to Edit > Import Photo, Sound or Notes...  When you press the Browse button, you can now select *.mid files.  To delete midi files, go to Edit > Delete Selected Midi File.  Started updating the help file, but it is not done.

Version 5.198  (8/9/01) On the right-click menu, add the Clear Call List and Restore Call List.  Preliminary support for TAPI phones to be tested.

Version 5.197  (8/8/01) On the File Menu added Clear Call List which clear the main call list (this does not delete the records from the database.  Also added Restore Call List which will load them back from the database.  Added new Edit > Voice Mail & Other Recordings screen and move some items here from the Standard Recording screen.  Also added "Answered by Voicemail" announcement and ability to modify the recording on this screen.

Version 5.196  (8/7/01) On the main menu, added Edit > Other Recordings where you can record program startup and exit greetings, the beep for the voice mail recording and the numbers 0 to 9 used to read back the caller id number to the caller when they press 2 (when Enable Caller ID Playback has been enabled).

Version 5.195  (8/6/01) On the Edit > Standard Recording screen, added several new messages which can now be recorded.  All the standard recorded files can now be changed from this screen except the welcome and exit greetings which you can change manually if you want (Talkncid.wav and Leaving.wav).

Version 5.194  (8/4/01) Corrected a bug in the "Email Which Calls" when set to Selected or Not Excluded it would not correctly function for numbers within your same area code.  Also centered the new call screen when a large photo would go off the bottom of the screen.

Version 5.193  (8/3/01) In the settings on the General tab, you can now leave the Local Area Code blank.  On the Formatting tab, for all combo boxes, I have added "None" so the program will not attempt to format the number at all.  On the formatting tab for 10 digit phone number, I have added the option to format like 12 34 56 78 90.  This is for countries like France where they always dial 10 digits and have no area codes.

Version 5.191-5.192  (7/25/01) Added option for printout of main call log to print spaces and lines so you can take notes on the printout.  To access, go to File > Print Caller ID Data > With Spaces and Underlines.  Version 5.192 adds the option to use the actual caller id name for network winpopup messages.  To enable this, add WinPopCidName=1 to the end of the Talkncid.ini file.

Version 5.19  (7/18/01) Added right-click menu for voice mail screen and for the phone directory log.

Version 5.188-5.189  (7/14/01) Added a menu when you right-click on a caller in the main call log.  You can now do everything associated with a caller without going to the main menu.

This Version 5.187  (7/13/01) This version has a new ettt36.ocx activex control.  I recommend you uninstall any previous version and then download and install the full version to make sure you get this new control.  Also added the ability to set the foreground and background colors for the main call log and the "You Are Receiving a Call" pop-up windows.  To do so, edit Talkncid.ini file and add LogForeColor=x LogBackColor=x CallForeColor=x CallBackColor=x on separate lines where x is 0 - 15.  0=Black, 1=Blue, 2=Green, 3=Cyan, 4=Red, 5=Magenta, 6=Yellow, 7=White, 8=Gray, 9=Light Blue, 10=Light Green, 11=Light Cyan, 12=Light Red, 13= Light Magenta, 14= Light Yellow, 15= Bright White.

Version 5.186  (7/11/01) Added an option to "Do not use Microsoft Agent to play wav files" in the Audio settings.  This was added due to a report from a Windows 2000 user that the agent played wav files with a high pitch.

Version 5.185  (7/5/01) For some users of the Rochelle Caller ID Plug, the program would report NO NAME and NO NUMBER even when the caller id information was actually received, this has been fixed.

Version 5.182-5.184  (5/31/01) If the caller id is not received, the program will now log the call as No Name No Number in the call log and continue as if the caller id had been received such as announcing the call, paging, emailing, etc.  Also, the picture files, text files, custom message file names begins with "Nonumber" so you can create notes, pictures, custom incoming and outgoing messages with this file name. A previously undocumented feature is the when the answering machine answers the phone, it will play the file ending in A.wav and then will search for additional files ending in 0.wav thru 9.wav and B.wav thru Z.wav in alphabetical order.  V5.183 now will delete the file ending in E.wav after it has been played back the first time.

Version 5.181  (5/29/01) Fixed a bug for some modems when a person would hang up during the voice mail message and the next call would not be answered correctly.

Version 5.179-5.18  (5/17/01) Moved "Record This Call" button from the Voice Mail screen to the "You Are Receiving This Call" screen and added a new pop-up while recording showing recording time and a button to stop the recording.  V5.18 fixed so the new call screen doesn't pop-up again when done recording.

Version 5.176- 5.178  (5/12/01) Added to voice tab setting "Do Not Disconnect When Disconnect Notice is Received" to try solve a problem with some modems reporting a disconnect when playing wav files.  Also fixed the Play All option so it would not skip parts of messages being played.  If you have the Rochelle Caller ID Plug connected as a secondary device, you can now pick up any phone, wait for the off hook indicator, hang up, wait for the on hook indicator and repeat this again within 7 seconds and all the voice messages will play back.  To interrupt the play back, just pick up a phone.

Version 5.175  (5/7/01) On the audio tab settings, added "Enable Voice and Language" due to the fact that some computer without the SAPI 4.0a binaries would hang when selecting this tab.  If you computer hangs when activating this option, go to the Microsoft Agent Files link and install he SAPI 4.0a binaries.

Version 5.173 - V5.174  (5/7/01) Added the ability to type an incoming announcement of unlimited length for any caller.  The Microsoft agent will then read this announcement to you when receive a call from them.  To activate this, click on the name in the main call list, then click the Microphone icon (or Edit > Recording for a Selected Caller) then click on the keyboard icon.  Also modified the program so it will email or page you if the answering machine answers the phone and you have the Exclude Answered Calls from Email (or Paging).  These options require the optional caller id plug.

Version 5.17 - V5.172  (5/5/01) The settings have been rewritten to reduce the amount of memory and resources used.  Instead of one module for the settings, each tab is now a separate module.

Version 5.0 - V5.169 (12/16/00 - 5/5/01)  Many updates and bug fixes which I have not itemized.

Version 5.0 (12/16/00)  First beta version 5 released and is now available for beta testing which includes a full featured answering machine with customizable outgoing messages for each caller if desired.  For example if your Mom is calling you, the message could say "Hi Mom, I'm over at John's house and will be home about six, if you need me call 555-1212".  She is the only one that will ever hear that message because the program knows it is her from the caller id information.  Network broadcasting of caller id information is now also supported. 

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