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Stealth Software provides computer software solutions to customers in the consumer, business, education and government areas.  Stealth Software develops commercial software solutions that natively supports Microsoft operating systems.  In addition to writing software applications that it sells on the internet (including Talking Caller ID), the company also provides computer software consulting for companies, especially in the engineering and manufacturing industries in which it specializes.  Stealth Software's mission is to write very user-friendly software which is highly customized for its clients.  Since its founder has a degree in Engineering and also has an MBA, the company has a great knowledge of both the complexities of engineering formulas and the complexities of business.  Using its knowledge in both business and engineering, the company provides a very powerful and unique combination of skills and services for companies in the engineering and manufacturing industries.

Stealth Software has written many programs for engineering and manufacturing companies including the following:

    Highly customized estimating program for a manufacturing company.

    Complete engineering design program for designing structural concrete members.

    Manufacturing product scheduling program.

    Crew scheduling program.

    Contract management system.

    Many Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software plug-ins.

    Many database management applications.

    Many other program too numerous to mention here.

Stealth Software has recently joined the Microsoft Empower Program for ISV's and is dedicated on developing more commercial software solutions using a broad spectrum of Microsoft development products including .NET applications and SQL Server applications.

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