Talking Caller ID - Order Form

The cost to register Talking Caller ID is $39.95.

To order by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or
American Express) please use the On Line Order Form at the 
following internet site:, 
E-Mail me at: Norm Tanner @ Talking Caller ID . com 
(remove the spaces to e-mail me) or send it to me in the
mail at the address shown below the order form below.

Ordering by mail in no longer supported.

Please check the items you are ordering below:

Talking Caller ID Registration ($39.95) _____
Copy of the program on CD-ROM ($5.95) _____
Rochelle Caller ID Plug with US shipping ($99.95) _____
Foreign shipping for caller id plug ($5.00) ____

Type of credit card _____________

Credit Card Number _____________________________

Expiration Date __________

Name shown on credit card ______________________

Desired Registration Name: _____________________________

Address: __________________________

City: ______________ State:__ Zip: _____ Country _____

Phone Number (___) ___-____

E-Mail: ____________________

Current Version of Talking Caller ID (see Help-About on menu) _____.

To order by check or money, please make your check or money order
payable to Norman Tanner and mail it to:

Ordering by mail in no longer supported.

The optional Caller ID Plug lets your computer receive the Caller ID 
information without a Caller ID capable modem. It is also the only 
device which can receive the Voice Mail Alerts. Another advantage 
to this is that you can receive Caller ID information on one line 
and dial out for redialing or paging using your modem connected to 
another phone line. This way the program can dial even while the 
first line is being used. The cost of this Caller ID Plug is 
$99.95 including shipping by US Priority Mail. For foreign shipping 
add $5.00 additional.

If you send a Money Order, I will E-Mail you the password to unlock 
the software within 2 business days of receipt. If paying with 
personal check, I will E-Mail you the password and after 5 business 
days of receipt. If you do not have an E-Mail address, I will mail 
you the password on the same schedule as mentioned above.

For a CD-ROM with all the shareware programs listed above, there is
a $5.95 charge to cover the cost of the media, duplication and postage.

If you have any questions about this software please contact:
E-Mail: Norm Tanner @ Talking Caller (remove the spaces)
in order to actually e-mail me.

Internet site:

Thank you for your order.

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