Courtesy of Ron Paul (click here to visit his website)


Talking Caller ID registration is $39.95.  Existing registered users who are beyond their free 90 day upgrade limit can upgrade to the latest  version for $19.95.  Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards are accepted using Google Wallet or the PayPal Order Form. If you would like a copy of the program on CD-ROM, there is a $5.95 charge to cover the cost of the media, duplication and postage.  Since this software is available as shareware which allows you to try it before you buy it, no refunds will be given after purchase.  Also no refunds will be given for the CD-ROM since it contains only shareware and the cost is for the media, shipping and handling only which is not refundable.  If you lose your password or require a new password for any reason, you will be charged the $19.95 upgrade fee in which case I will issue you a new password for the latest version and your 90 days of free upgrades will start again.

The unregistered shareware version has a startup nag screen on which you must click 'I Agree' each time the program is started.  The unregistered version also shuts down after receiving three phone calls in a single session.  You must then restart the program manually to continue using it.  When you register the software, you will no longer see the startup nag screen and there will no limit to the number of calls you can receive.  You will also then be able to put the program in your startup group so it will load automatically each time you boot up your computer.