Courtesy of Ron Paul (click here to visit his website)


Talking Caller ID requires Windows 95 or higher, speakers or headphones, microphone and a Caller ID capable modem and Caller ID service from your local phone company.  It also requires that the Microsoft Agent core components, English speech engine and at least one character be installed on your computer.  Click here to go the download page for these items.

To use the answering machine features of Talking Caller ID, you must have a good quality voice modem that is 100% TAPI compliant. Your voice modem and modem driver must fully support TAPI for the operating system you are using.  

Talking Caller ID is shareware.  You can use the shareware version for 21 days, after which you must register it or delete it from your computer. The registration fee is $39.95.  Talking Caller ID includes the Microsoft Agent technology with a much nicer sounding speech engine with animated characters.

The unregistered version has a startup nag screen on which you must click 'I Agree' each time the program is started.  The unregistered version also shuts down after receiving three phone calls in a single session.  You must then restart the program manually to continue using it.  When you register the software, you will no longer see the startup nag screen and there will no limit to the number of calls you can receive.  You will also then be able to put the program in your startup group so it will load automatically each time you boot up your computer.