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Ziff-Davis Five Star Review
For Talking Caller ID!
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Review ummary Report

Title Information
Title : Talking Caller ID
Version : 1.6

File Information
File ID : 64668
Original File Name : TALKNCID.ZIP
Host FileName : talkclid

Registration Information
Registration Type : Shareware
Fee : $39.95

Review Information
Reviewer : Thom Foulks
Rating : *****

Review Text :
Your Caller-ID modem and sound card can announce who's calling before you pick up the phone, with Talking Caller ID. It reads the incoming Caller-ID information, converts the name and numbers to voice, and speaks them to you (with a screen display, as well). Aside from that function, dozens of options are available -- custom answering, call-blocking (by number), referral to a pager (alphanumeric or beeper), continuous call-logging to file, and mouse-click call-returns. Think of almost anything you'd like to do with a Caller-ID modem, and it's likely here! The product's documentation is superb as a short course in how to get the most from Caller-ID services. You paid extra for the service and the modem -- here's the tool to get real value from Caller-ID.

Reviewer Comments to Author :

Program Pros
* Audio and screen notification
* Dozens of options
* Great documentation

Program Cons
* None

Hullo, Norm. I'm a product reviewer for ZDNet, and just completed a *****
review of Talking Caller ID. I thought you'd like to hear that (it should be
posted by week's end), but I wanted to add my personal accolades for "well
done!" Even though the user base is somewhat a niche area, the product is
one of the best I've looked at in months. And, FWIW, my evaluation was on a
Win NT 4.0 Workstation -- worked fine. I might like to keep it there all the

Talking Caller ID was the Hotfile of the Day.


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